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Since we opened our shop almost 10 years ago, Lewisville TX Locksmith Store has remained the first port of call for residential locksmith service. We are trustworthy, reliable, and fast locksmiths who provide economical services. Our team members have a deep theoretical and practical knowledge that makes us work even better. They are equipped to handle all types of lock and key problems, confidently. They are highly qualified people that undergo constant training for current technologies. When you require a residential locksmith in Lewisville, TX, just think of us!

Expansive services for all types of residential needs

Lewisville TX Locksmith Store Lewisville, TX 214-491-5122Effective home protection is the key. Subsequently, you might have to change your locks from time to time. However, we will not recommend this until necessary. As your trusted residential locksmith, we offer the widest range of locking systems to choose. If you have a special favorite, do communicate with us. Change of locks is must when you relocate to a new home or recently had a robbery. Besides lock changes, we also offer damage free key extractions. This might happen when in a rush, you put too much pressure on the key and it breaks inside the lock. We have special tools to extract the embedded part.

Quality and affordable services at your fingertips

Our services are popular because we offer the right balance of quality and affordability. As your residential locksmith, you need timely intervention and a professional service that does not overcharge. Call us for all types of lock and key troubles like Master Key system installation, safe services, key duplication, rekeying solutions, and emergency unlocks among others. We have experts on our team that will take minimum time to resolve your issues. Still, we have taken proactive steps to keep our solutions affordable for everyone.

Safe solutions for residential clients

We deal with all types of problems involving locks and this includes those related to safes. Consider a situation where just before you are to go for a party, you are unable to get to the valuable locked within the safe. You have forgotten the combination or maybe misplaced the required key. Do not worry because our team of residential locksmiths will be there for rescue. We can pick all types of safety locks well within 20 minutes and you can obtain the document or jewelry that you wanted at the last minute.

Call our residential locksmith service anytime for immediate resolution of your problem.