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Lewisville TX Locksmith Store has been the number one name in business locksmith and security technology in the Astoria area for years, since our goal is always to put our commercial clients' needs first in terms of access and efficiency. Lewisville TX Locksmith Store knows how to work with our commercial clients because we understand what they need: to protect their information, protect their profits, and most of all, protect their customers who trust them with their business.

Equipped with our mobile control centers, our highly-skilled technicians are trained to handle almost any security and access issue to quickly resolve problems. Our security experts can also assess your security system, review strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations based on your needs and the latest technology issues. Look to Lewisville TX Locksmith Store for security services and assessments which are ideal for an array of business types, including:Lewisville TX Locksmith Store Lewisville, TX 214-491-5122

  • Restaurants & Delis
  • Offices and Complexes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Medical Facilities
  • Apartments
  • Banking Centers

Lewisville TX Locksmith Store's team of expert security professionals stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changes and improvement in the security technology industry. That's why Lewisville TX Locksmith Store is a trusted and comprehensive local security resource for Astoria businesses looking to discover best practices in security and find out the best way to secure and protect their own businesses from unauthorized entry.

Lewisville TX Locksmith Store specializes in the industry standard for multiple entryway security in the master key system. In a keyway system, master keys are capable of entering all destinations, while sub-level keys are limited. This helps to ensure that businesses don't have to worry about unintended access even accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

Lewisville TX Locksmith Store has designed and implemented hundreds of master key systems in the area, and are experts in installing them quickly and effectively to keep relative order in larger business facilities such as hotels. The master key keeps access where needed while limiting access where needed, and if necessary, Lewisville TX Locksmith Store can convert hotels, office spaces, warehouses or other large areas to a master key system overnight for better facility control. 

Many ask about electronic access key control systems, and Lewisville TX Locksmith Store, being ahead of the curve when it comes to security, are expert at installing and maintaining these technologies. The biggest advantage to this option is that access can be instantly restricted: a simple change in the card's status can increase access or shut it down instantly on command, giving the owner full control over access.

Of course, when there are issues related to security, sometimes the Astoria police need to be brought in. For this reason many clients are looking for motion detection and CCTV, both of which Lewisville TX Locksmith Store can help install and service. The combination almost ensures that even the most clever of miscreants and vandals will be caught in the act with enough evidence to prosecute. Lewisville TX Locksmith Store works with your business to see which of security features are best for your business, helping you to select the right one for you.