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Why would you call a lock smith? Is it for duplicating your keys and fixing that old, worn out lock? Of course, this is what they do, but it is not the only thing. Through the years, the role and responsibilities of the local locksmith have immensely expanded. While they have retained their standard work but its scope has increased. They have more or less become the guardians of their clients’ security and everything in between. You can approach them for advice to enhance the protective aspects in and around your property. Lock smiths today have come of age, and have become one-stop solution providers. Lewisville TX Locksmith Store has proven its worth in Lewisville, TX through the years, you will know why.

Regular training of lock smith team

Having a quality team at your disposal is a good thing, but is it enough? Technologies change rapidly, if you do not keep up, the knowledge you acquired years ago fails to work. How would you feel when after the lock smith arrives, looks at the lock and goes blank! He/she has never seen the lock before them, the way it functions. How are they going to help you? Believe us; this happens more frequently than you think. For this reason we advise our clients never to call people from the hardware store. We are scrupulous about regular employee training. They will quickly identify the locks in real situations and do the needful quite promptly.

Umbrella solutions for our clients

Gone are the days when you had to go to one lock smith for lock repair, to another for installation, and a third one for security advice. People do not have so much time to waste.  Consider this, while starting the car the ignition key just broke in the lock. After much research, you find a promising locksmith firm in the locality. Once you approach them, you realize that they do not deal with car locks of any kind.  The search starts all over again. To do this right, just call us immediately. We offer the whole range of lock smith services that you might need.

We have expertise in:

  • Lewisville TX Locksmith Store Lewisville, TX 214-491-5122Key cutting
  • Rekeying solutions
  • Eviction service
  • Lock installation, repair, change, upgrade
  • Key duplication
  • Lockout solutions- residential, commercial, automotive
  • File cabinet locks
  • Padlocks, deadbolts
  • Keyless entry system
  • Master keys
  • Security consultation

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